Size & Fit

Choosing the correct size of belt should not be difficult and we have prepared a size guide that hopefully makes things nice and easy.

After so many years of making belts one thing we know is that trouser sizes can be misleading. Your 32" Jeans will almost definitely not measure 32" around the waist - in fact they are likely to measure around 35". Belts on the other hand do not lie, they are basically like a tape measure for your waist!

So we have given you 3 measurements for each belt. A measurement in cm which tells you the precise size of the belt to the middle hole, another measurement which tells you the total length of the leather end to end and then finally also a 'Fits Waist' guide which is where we interpret trouser sizes based on our experience.

To check what size you need the easiest thing to do is either:

a) Put a tape measure around your waist. The point where the ends touch will tell you your actual waist size (remember to place the measure in the same place that you sit your trousers). So if your measurement is for example 95cm you would probably best choosing our size Medium which is 97.5cm long. You will probably find yourself wearing this on the 4th hole along.

b) Measure an existing belt that fits well. For ease measure the leather end to end (not including the buckle) and then from this measurement subtract 15cm to get your correct belt size. So if your old belt fits well and measures 120cm end to end then your belt size is 105cm which equates to our size Large.

Our size chart below should help you along the way:

Huxley Tanner Belt Size Chart

Of course if you should need any help just call us on +44 207 348 7869 and we will be happy to advise you on the best size.